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 Guitar FX Pedals
 Product Code  Description
AMTAT1 AMT Astral Tube (Distortion)
AMTBE1 AMT B Drive Preamp
AMTCN1 AMT Chameleon Cabinet Emulator
AMTEE1 AMT E Drive Preamp
AMTEX50 AMT Mini Expression Pedal
AMTFT1 AMT Fatal Tube (Powerful overdrive)
AMTHR1 AMT Heater Tube Screamer
AMTLLM-1 AMT Little Loudmouth Volume Pedal
AMTLLM-2 AMT Little Loudmouth 2 2 Zero Optical Volume Pedal
AMTME1 AMT M Drive Preamp
AMTOE1 AMT O Drive Preamp
AMTPE1 AMT P Drive Preamp
AMTRY1 AMT Reverberry Digital Reverb
AMTSE1 AMT S Drive Preamp
AMTSY1 AMT Stutterfly Digital Delay
AMTTWS AMT Tweed Sound (Overdrive)
AMTVTE1 AMT VT Drive Preamp
AMTWH1 AMT Wah Wah ''Japanese Girl''
 Guitar Series
 Product Code  Description
AMTTC1 > AMT TC-1 Guitar Preamp
AMTTC3 AMT TC-3 Guitar Preamp
 Guitar Preamp Rack Series
 Product Code  Description
AMTSS10 AMT SS-10 ProStudio Series Rackmount Tube Guitar Preamp
  Tube Guitar Series
 Product Code  Description
AMTSS11A AMT Guitar Preamp SS-11A Guitar Preamp (Classic)
AMTSS11B AMT Guitar Preamp SS-11B Guitar Preamp (Modern)
AMTSS20 AMT Guitar Preamp SS-20 + PSA12
  JFET Guitar Preamp
 Product Code  Description
AMTSS30 AMT SS-30 Guitar Preamp
  Preamp Series
 Product Code  Description
AMTB1 AMT B1 - Legends amps Guitar preamp (BG-Sharp Emulates)
AMTE1 AMT E1 Legends amps Guitar preamp (ENGL Emulates)
AMTF1 AMT F1 - Legends amps Fender Tweed Sound*
AMTM1 AMT M1 Legends amps Guitar preamp (JM-800 Emulates)
AMTP1 AMT P1 Legends amps Guitar preamp (PV-5150 Emulates)
AMTR1 AMT R1 Legends amps Guitar preamp (Rectifier Emulates)
AMTS1 AMT S1 Legends amps Guitar preamp (Soldano Emulates)
AMTV1 AMT V1 Legends amps Guitar preamp (Vox AC30 Emulates)
  Preamp Series 2
 Product Code  Description
AMTB2 AMT B2 - Legends amps Bogner*
AMTC2 AMT B2 - Legends amps Conford*
AMTD2 AMT D2 Diezel*
AMTE2 AMT Electronics E2 Preamp
AMTK2 AMT K2 Krank*
AMTM2 AMT M2 Marshall JCM-800*
AMTO2 AMT O2 Orange*
AMTP2 AMT P2 Peavey*
AMTR2 AMT R2 Mesa*
AMTS2 AMT S2 Soldano*
 Bass Series
 Product Code  Description
AMTBC1 AMT Bass Crunch Preamp
AMTSLB AMT Slap Bass (Bass overdrive)
AMTWH1B AMT Bass Wah Wah
 Digital Delay
 Product Code  Description
AMTTDD3 AMT TAP Digital Delay
 Tubes & Accessories
 Product Code  Description
AMT12AX7WS AMT Warm Stone 12AX7 Tube
AMTFS2 AMT Foot Switch

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