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BLUGA1ME BluGuitar Amp 1 Mercury Edition

AMP1 Mercury Edition
The modern-day electric guitarist is more demanding than ever. They demand sounds of the highest tonal integrity, covering everything from crystalline clean through to molten metal, with flexible switching and routing options allowing them to sound their best in any playing situation.
Many guitar amplifiers have tried, and failed, to provide all things to all players; until now. BluGuitar AMP1 delivers a diverse tonal palette, covering everything from warm and rounded jazz to hard-hitting rock, in a professional and portable package. The immense power and character of all of your favourite vintage tube amplifiers has been crammed into a compact road-ready unit that fits inside your glove compartment or gig bag - without compromising on tone.

BluGuitar AMP1 features four amazingly detailed and responsive, fully modifiable channels, whose sounds will take you on a journey through the history of guitar amplification. From Clean to Vintage, to Classic and Modern tones the AMP1 is ready to work with any rig and in whichever musical context you wish to use it. More and more professional guitar players are using the AMP1 including Jennifer Batten, Kat Dyson, Ian Crichton and more.

Switchable and adjustable Boost and Reverb controls
Three integrated footswitches
Truly outstanding Speaker Simulation output for recording as well as headphone output Modern, boutique tube amp performance in an incredibly compact, light and easy-to-transport unit
Simple-to-use interface so you can plug in and play, and sound great, from the first chord

For the new AMP1 Mercury Edition, all four channels were revised making the amp even more versatile, allowing you to dial in your own signature tone with greater precision and with a revolutionaryNanotube<™> technology.

BluGuitar AMP1 Mercury Edition comes equipped with:
More tightness through all overdrive channels
More punch and bite for high-gain-sounds in the Classic and Modern channels
Greater dynamics in the Modern channel for contemporary metal tones
Redeveloped reverb algorithm for adding even greater dimension and depth to your guitar sound

Channels: Clean, Vintage, Classic, Modern
Total Power: 100 Watt
Effects: Reverb, Noise Gate
Effect Loops: serial/parallel, +4/-10dB switchable
Switching: Clean/Overdrive, Boost, Reverb, alternativ: 3 User-Presets
MIDI: optional with MIDI1-Adapter

Special Features:
Custom Control, Phones, Recording Out, Silent Recording,
2ND Master*, PowerSoak*, programmable switching functions*
Speaker Out: 1 x 8 O, 1 x 16 O
*: optional with REMOTE1 or external MIDI-Controller and MIDI1
Input: unbalanced jack
Sensitivity: OV-15V P2P maximum
Input impedance: 2 M O
Power output: about 100 watts
Speaker connections
Input jacks: 1 x 8 O, 1 x 16 O
FX Send/Return: unbalanced jack
FX Send-Output and FX-Return Input levels dependent on switching
LOW: -10dBU +/-1dB or 0.7V P2P
HI: +4dBU +/-1dB or 3.46V P2P
FX Send-Output impedance: [ 1.3kO FX Return-Input impedance: ] 18kO
Mains voltage range: 100-240V +/- 10 % 50-60 Hz
Power consumption: max. 150 watts
Fuses: internal: 3.15 SB
Ambient operating temperature range: 0 °C to + 35 °C
Logic MIDI control system: STM 8 S
System interfaces: Upgradeable with external programming device BluGuitar® specific, asynchronous data protocol.

Width: 245 mm (9.65")
Height: 68 mm (2.68")
Depth: 192 mm (7.56")
Weight: 1.2 kg

BLUGR1 Bluguitar Remote 1

Using the optional REMOTE1 foot pedal, all of AMP1's functions can be directly selected via 9 switches and can be stored in 4 Banks (with 9 Presets each). Consistent with the Presets, REMOTE1's MIDI out can be used to switch programmes on external MIDI-capable effect devices. Alternatively, the optional MIDI1 Adapter allows players to control AMP1 with any MIDI foot pedal. For players who want to integrate their favourite FX pedals into the AMP1 guitar system, the optional Looper-Kit extension (featuring four true bypass relay loops) is available, making tap dancing and sound loss on the pedalboard a thing of the past.
REMOTE1 is the convenient foot controller with direct access to all of AMP1's functions, and it also offers the following extensions: a second switchable and adjustable Master Volume and an adjustable PowerSoak. REMOTE1 lets you directly select between the CLEAN, VINTAGE, CLASSIC and MODERN channels, as well enabling you to control BOOST, REVERB and FX-LOOP settings. In addition you can save VOLUME (CLEAN CHANNEL) and GAIN (OVERDRIVE CHANNELS) for each preset separately. A standard jack lead (guitar or speaker cable) connects REMOTE1 to AMP1, and also powers the unit simultaneously.
Selecting ''Preset Mode'' (the Mode Switch will go blue) turns AMP1 into a programmable guitar amp. Every selection made with the footswitch in Direct Access Mode can be saved in one of the 36 Presets in 4 Banks à 9 Presets. For example, you can save the same tones with different volumes and effects as rhythm and solo sounds.
PRESETS and switching external FX Presets with MIDI out: this makes AMP1 a programmable guitar system with MIDI. With each Preset, REMOTE1 sends a MIDI program change command via the MIDI-OUT port to switch external MIDI-enabled effects equipment. This way, with a simple press of the foot you can control all of AMP1's functions and switch a MIDI effect to the desired Preset all at the same time.

BLUGLK BluGuitar Looper Kit

LOOPERKIT(optional extension module for connecting FX pedals)
Those who want to program their own favourite pedals with REMOTE1 to avoid any unnecessary tap dancing can use the LOOPERKIT, with its four true bypass mono relay loops. The true bypass connection guarantees an optimal signal quality. The four loops can be individually assigned to each Preset, allowing the connected FX to be combined with AMP1's settings. The LOOPERKIT is screwed on to the side of REMOTE1, while the external pedals are cabled through a Breakout Box.

BLUGFC BluGuitar FatCab 1 x 12 Speaker Cabinet

The BluGuitar FATCAB is the result of my many years of trying to capture the sound-character of an old 4x12'' box in a compact 1x12'' format.
Obviously BluGuitar know that physics sets us limits, but I still find it surprising how well this box works for me in practice. It has proved its worth on small to midsized stages over the years, where its advantages really come to light: Because the box only has one speaker it quickly reaches its optimum working range, making the sound vibrant and less stiff. The Thiele Bass-Reflex-System and the interlocked, extremely stiffened casing provide a defined, dynamic Bass sound with Sub-bass, usually only associated with 4x12'' boxes. This is still the case even when playing at a lower volume. The volume of the casing delivers an extra portion of low-midrange frequency. At high volume the box delivers a balanced sound, without any danger of droning or loosing the tight bootom due to the fat magnet of our custom designed speaker. The speaker itself gives the sound a harmonious mid-range and soft treble, which are made even silkier by being filtered through the thick basket-weave covering the front of the box.
A big chunky bass with a quick response, a creamy mid-range and a soft silky treble on top, which stays smooth and doesn't get annoying. For me, the FATCAB sounds and feels like an old Mini 4x12'' box. In clubs and on medium-sized stages, I don’t miss having a 4x12'' box at all.
Type:1 x 12'' Closed Back
Power: 60 Watt
Impedance: 8 Ohm
Speaker: 1 x 12'' special BluGuitar Fat
Wood: ''Baltic Birch'' ply w/finger joint corners
Tolex: Black Levant
Grill Cloth: black Basket Weave
Weight: 15 kg
Dimensions: 37 x 55 x 30 cm
Connectivity: 1 x Mono In, 1 x Parallel Out, 1x Serial Out
Special Features: Thile-Small design for best Bass-Response

BLUGNC BluGuitar NanoCab 1 x 12 Speaker Cabinet

Inspired by the excellent performance of the FATCAB, the cabinet that I used and tweaked over the last years, BluGuitar set myself the task of developing a compact, but good-sounding Box, complimentary to the BluGuitar AMP1.
The only loudspeaker that came into question for BluGuiatar was a 12'', because they always miss the fundamental low-mid range with 10'' speakers. Therefore, the 12'' speaker determined the size of the cabinet. On this basis we experimented with the dimensions of the casing and various bass-reflex constructions. We quickly came to a realization: An opening in the casing provides a higher bass resonance, which gives clean and slightly distorted sounds a special airiness, but the opening shouldn't be too big. If so, you lose the important resonance and the box sounds ''small''. However the optimum punch for rock sounds is best achieved with a closed cabinet. This is how we came to the idea of the NANOCABs small opening, which can easily be opened or closed according to your needs. To create more warmth the speaker was mounted to the baffle and a basket weave covering was chosen.
While testing different prototypes we had surprising results: It didn't matter what style was played - whether clean, crunched or high gain - jazz, blues or rock - the combination of NANOCABand AMP1 sounds perfect! Thanks to the bass-reflex harmonization, the NANOCAB produces a really big sound with unexpected low-end. It is also their absolute favourite for living rooms, because it has such a full and balanced sound, even at low volume. Furthermore it's astounding how well this small box establishes itself in a band context. The NANOCAB fits in a suitcase and, thanks to its compact design, can even be transported by plane, train or on a motorcycle.

BLUGEL BluGuitar Easy locks (2 pcs incl washer & screws)

BluGuitar Easy Locks, magnet set to fix Bluguitar amp at the effect board, 2pcs incl. srews.

BLUGM1 BluGuitar Midi in adapter cable for AMP 1

BluGuitar Midi1, MIDI-Adapter to control the BluGuitar AMP1 by external MIDI-Controller, connection at remote socket, enables to use thomann als switch functions of AMP1 by Midi program change and remote of master volume, gain/clean volume and PowerSoak by Midi control change

BLUGSC BluGuitar Speaker Cable (6 mtr)

High quality speaker cable from the BluGuitar TONAL INTEGRITY SERIES, especially developed for connecting the BluGuitar AMP1 to the BluGuitar NANOCAB or the BluGuitar FATCAB. The VINTAGE PREMIUM SPEAKER CABLE provides a fat, warm and transparent tone at the ‘magical' length of 5,67m - and of course works in conjunction with other guitar amps and cabinets.

How did we get to this cable? As Thomas puts it: ''Having used various speaker cables over the years without actually worrying about what kind of cables they were, somewhere along the line I made an interesting discovery purely by chance. I was using a relatively inexpensive Marshall speaker cable with moulded plastic plugs and noticed that my sound wasn't as constrained as it had been; it was rounded yet still light and airy. I needed to get to the bottom of this. I tested just about everything under the sun. Copper, standard hifi speaker cables, silver-coated cables, cables with differing cross-sections but also the high quality products of the well-known manufacturers. While they all came across more or less neutral in tone the sound was never as rounded as with the cheap, short Marshall cable. The ''mojo'' that gave the balanced sounds seemingly detached from the speaker cabinet was simply missing. I mentioned my findings to a writer from one of the guitar magazines following a workshop and it seemed he had had similar experiences with this. Following our discussion he sent me a length of a Fender power cable produced in 1953. I soldered the 1/4inch jack plugs on and used it as a speaker cable. I discovered that this conjured up the rounded, warm and balanced sound I had always been looking for. Having analysed the cable´s structure and the number of strands braided in its core I set off to find something similar. Lo and behold, I found a cable where the diameter of the braided internal wiring was slightly higher than with cables already available. This was able to reproduce the sound I was looking for without any great compromise on quality and even over extended cable lengths.
But there was more, as I discovered when I had to shorten the cable a number of times. With the third shortening an amazing sound transformation occurred. I did not feel that this huge difference could only be down to the change in capacitance of the cable´s shorter length. Only several years later did I hear of a theory which I had not come across before, which implies that there are given lengths for cables which lead to these simply sounding different. On the back of this I tested these magical lengths, with the result that I have now genuinely reached the ideal measurements for my speaker cables.
These two aspects and all I have learned about speaker cables are the basis for what we see as the BluGuitar ''Vintage Premium Speaker Cable'' with its tonal integrity.''

Thomas Blug

Technical data
Jacks: 1/4'' jacks, nickel plated
Length: 5,67 m
Special feature: incl. BluGuitar velcro strip


BluBOX Impulse Response Speaker Emulator

Guitarists are a strange breed. They love modifications just as long as nothing actually changes. Never change a winning team is their approach: the favourite guitar, the good old amp and that particular speaker cabinet. The final link in the chain is the defining resonating body to capture the magical sound.
Electric guitarists looking for the perfect way to mike up for live or for recording now have one of the simplest and most workable solutions available - which also sets new standards in sound quality. Brought together in a compact, lightweight metal box are 16 legendary speaker cabinets. Drawing on 30 years of both stage and studio experience, I have put together a collection of my own. Recorded with the best microphones and digitally converted using today´s cutting-edge Convolution Technologie, locking down every detail. But why conserve the sounds digitally? Simply because analogue equipment cannot capture all the acoustic complexities and nuances the speakers produce. Convolution Technologie on the other hand is able to reproduce the complete array of tones and the uniqueness of each cabinet down to the last detail.

Virtual Speaker-Cabinet Collection:

Just pick your favourite cab, fine-tune the sound with the Mic-Position controller and away you go! 16 classic, world-renowned cabs are available in the BluBox: 5 legendary Marshall® cabs with vintages from 1965 and 1980 but also the glorious, cult cabinets from Vox®, Mesa-Boogie® and Fender®. Of course, I have also included the BluGuitar® NANOCAB™ and FATCAB™ which have been rapturously received in music world for their huge sound.
BluBOX™ is the ideal partner for all eventualities. Whether on stage or in the studio - wherever you need striking sounds of the highest quality miked up or recorded. All this works with the BluBOX™ directly and even without a speaker cabinet!
BluBOX™ - The new Speaker Emulation with the most legendary cabinet / microphone combinations of the past 50 years music history, captured for the discerning professional. Great sounds, simple use, small package! The Sound of Tone Innovation.

Cabinets :

BluGuitar® 1x12''
BluGuitar® 1x12''
STACK 1965
Original Marshall® 4x12''Celestion® (Alnico 15Watts)
STACK 1967
Original Park® 4x12'' Celestion® (Greenback 25 watts)
STACK 1970
Original Marshall® 4x12'' Celestion® (Greenback 25 Watts 55 Hz)
STACK 1971
Original Marshall® 4x12'' Celestion® (G12h30)
STACK 1980
Original Marshall® 4x12'' Celestion® (G12h75)
Mesa/Boogie® Rectifier® Standard 4x12'' Celestion® V30
Celestion® Classic Lead 80 in custom built 4x12'' cabinet
JAZZ 120
Roland® Jazz Chorus® 120
TWEED 1x12
Vintage ´57 Fender® Tweed Deluxe®
Fender® Princetonreg; Silverface 1x12''
BLACK 2x10
Fender® ´64 Vibroverb® 2x10''
BLACK 2x12
Vintage Fender® Twin Reverb® 2x12'' orange JBL®
mixed with Jensen® C12K
Black 4x10
Vintage 60s Fender® Super Reverb® 4x10''
BLUE 2x12
Original Vox® AC30 JMI® 2x12'' Celestion® Blue Bulldog

Technical data


Line In, Line Out, Speaker In, Speaker Through (Jacks),
Transformer Balanced XLR Mic Out
Voltage: 9V-18V DC 200mA
Dimensions: 120 x 95 x 38 mm (4.72'' x 3.74'' x 1.49'')
Weight: 350g / 12.35oz
Latency: Ultra low latency
~1 ms = Distance of 30cm to a cabinet

All product names and trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Such product names and trademarks in this document were used during the development of BluBox but are in no way associated or affiliated with BluGuitar GmbH.

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