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Fryette (Formerly VHT)
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Product Code   Description
FAD120H Fryette Deliverance Amp 120W Single Channel Head
FAD412P50E Fryette Deliverance 4x12 Spk Cab P50E Spkrs 16OHMS 200W
FAD60H Fryette Deliverance Amp 60W Single Channel Head
FA212FBP50E Fryette Fatbottom 2x12 Spk Cab P50E Spkrs 8OHMS 100W
FA412P50E Fryette Fatbottom 4x12 Straight Spk Cab P50E Spkrs 16OHMS 200W
FAF412SP50E Fryette Fatbottom 4x12 Slant Spk Cab P50E Spkrs 16OHMS 200W
FAG100SX Fryette SIG:X Guitar Amp 100W 3Ch Head
FAG2502S Fryette 2/50/2 50WPC Vacuum Tube Power Amp
FAG2902S Fryette 2/90/2 90WPC Vacuum Tube Power Amp
FAG100CLEQ Fryette Pittbull 100W/CL Amp 2Channel EQ Option Head
FAG100CLXEQ Fryette Pittbull 100W/CLX Amp 3Channel EQ Option Head
FAG50CLEQ Fryette Pittbull 50W/CL Amp 2 Channel EQ Option Head
FAG100ULEQ Fryette Pittbull 120W/UL Amp 3 Channel EQ option Head
FAM30C Fryette Memphis 30W 2 Channel Class A Combo Amp
FAV1 Fryette Valvulator 1 Line Driver+Power Supply