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 Traditional Collection
 Product Code  Description
MAGTW-C112 Twilighter 1 x 12 Combo
MAGTW-C210 Twilighter 2 x 10 Combo
MAGTW-H Twillighter Head
MAGTWST-C212 Twilighter Stereo 2 x 12 Combo
MAGTWST-H Twilighter Stereo Head
MAGSV-C212 Single V 2 x 12 Combo
MAGSV-H Single V Head
MAGTCAB212 Traditional Cabinet 2 x 12
MAGTCAB210 Traditional Cabinet 2 x 10
MAGTCAB112 Traditional Cabinet 1 x 12
MAGSP Remote Speed Pedal
 Master Collection
 Product Code  Description
MAGS59-H Super 59 Head
MAGMCAB212 Master 2 x 12 Cabinet
 Studio Collection
 Product Code  Description
MAGL-C110 Lyric 10 Combo
MAGL-C112 Lyric 12 Combo
MAGV-C112 Varisity 12 Combo
MAGVR-C112 Varisty Reverb 12 Combo
MAGV-H Varisty Head
MAGSEXCAB112 Studio 1 x 12 Extention Cabinet
MAGSEXCAB210 Studio 2 x 10 Extention Cabinet