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Maxon Compact Series
Product Details
MAXAD10 Maxon Compact Series AD10 Analog Delay

100% Analog Delay with 600mS delay time
Gorgeous, Warm, organic delay tone
Special filtering on repeats to reduce distortion
Capable of Self-oscillation effects
Works in FX loop or front-end of amp
Buffered Bypass Switching

The AD10 takes Maxon's 30+ years of experience in analog delay design and offers it up in one compact, WYSIWYG pedal.

The AD10 delivers up to 600 milliseconds of gorgeous, organic delay that doesnít get in the way of your original guitar tone. Delay repeats are tuned to perfection with a subtle yet distinct distortion and none of the high-frequency whistle associated with over-clocking of the delay circuit.

The AD10's minimalist control interface makes it incredibly easy to dial in a variety of usable delay effects including double-tracking, faux reverb, tight rhythm slapbacks, and longer delays for solos.

The AD10 retains its distinctive sound even when stacked with overdrives and distortions. It works equally well in the front end or the FX loop of an amp and excels at the runaway feedback self-oscillation that everyone now expects from an analog delay.

The AD10 features a low-impedance buffered bypass, allowing it to drive long cable lengths or other effect units without loss of signal.
MAXASC10 MMaxon Compact Series ASC10 Ambient Chorus

Classic analog chorus circuit
Wide stereo split sounds like 2 guitars playing at once
Rate and Depth controls with extended operation range
Stereo outputs
Works in FX loop or front-end of amp
Buffered Bypass switching with low impedance output
The ASC10's compact enclosure and simple control interface belie its versatile operation and massive, spacious sound.

The ASC10's chorusing effect is set especially wide in the stereo spectrum, offering a lush tonality that actually sounds like two guitars playing at once.

The extended operation range of the Rate and Depth controls conjure up everything from gorgeous 12-string simulations to punch-drunk rotary speaker spins.

Stunning on clean sounds and aggressive on distorted tones, the ASC10 is equally at home in the front-end or the FX loop of an amp.

Dual, phase-inverted outputs allow for panning of the ASC10ís effect between two amps or tracks, or run mono from output B for a more dramatic chorus effect.

The ASC10 features a low-impedance buffered bypass, allowing it to drive long cable lengths or other effect units without loss of signal.
MAXDB10 Maxon Compact Series Effects Dual Booster

The company that invented the overdrive has re-invented the clean boost pedal!
Introducing the Maxon DB10 Dual Booster - a unique concept in booster design, the DB10 features two completely independent boost circuits in a single compact housing.
The Clean (Left) channel offers up to +20 dB of clean boost with a completely flat frequency response.
The Vintage (Right) channel also offers +20 dB of boost, but with a slight high frequency roll-off and a mild mid-boost when set to max.
Each circuit has its own input and output jacks, allowing them to be cascaded into one another in any order.
Place an overdrive or distortion (or any pedal, for that matter) in between the channels for additional tonal options - super-saturated overdrive that can be boosted for solos, etc.
Independent status LED's indicate which channel is engaged and both channels feature True Bypass Switching using a 3PDT switch.
Battery or DC (9-18 V) power options.

''I can't tell you how much I am loving the Dual Booster. I keep thinking how I ever went on stage without one before.
I am probably turning the Dual Booster on and off more than any other effect on my pedalboard. It works perfectly!
Thanks so much again for all that you do for me. I really appreciate your support.''
Jerry Cortez - Tower of Power

MAXFA10 Maxon Fuzz Elements - Air FA10

Fuzz engine designed to emulate Vintage Univox Super Fuzz
Square Wave clipping with upper octave harmonic
Level and Expand controls
Dual position tone switch (Fat & Scoop)
Mechanical True Bypass Switching
Accurately recreates the classic octave fuzz sounds of the legendary Univox Super Fuzz. Two distinct fuzz sounds are available via the Fat/Scoop switch. True Bypass Switching.
MAXFE10 Maxon Fuzz Elements - Ether FE10

Fuzz engine based on Vintage Univox Super Fuzz
Square Wave clipping with upper octave harmonic
Level and Expand controls
Parametric Tone circuit with Frequency and Cut/Boost controls
Unlimited variety of tonal colors
Mechanical True Bypass Switching
Expands on the classic octave/fuzz sounds of the FA10 by adding a parametric tone section to the circuit. Select a frequency and then cut or boost to create a variety of new fuzz and Octavia tones. True Bypass Switching.
MAXFEA10 Maxon Fuzz Elements - Earth FEA10

Fuzz engine designed to emulate early 70's ''Ramís Head'' Big Muff Pi
Warm, wooly transistor distortion with a prominent mid-scoop
Amazingly long sustain with note ''sag''
Sustain, Tone, and Level controls
True Bypass Switching
Based on the classic ''Ramís Head'' transistor fuzz circuit of the 70ís, the FEA10 offers loud, throaty fuzz and singing sustain with excellent note definition. True Bypass Switching.
MAXFV10 Maxon Fuzz Elements - Void FV10

Fuzz engine designed to emulate the sound of vintage Ampeg Scrambler
Unique frequency- and dynamics-dependent Fuzz/Octavia effects
Overtone Knob controls amount of even-order harmonics
Blend controls balance of Dry and Effected signals
Level controls output level (use as a Booster)
True Bypass Switching

Strange squeals, cacophonous chords, raucous ring modulations and other amazingly unpredictable mayhem - thatís just a sample of what you can expect from the Fuzz Elements FV10 Void.
Designed to emulate the otherworldly sounds of the vintage Ampeg Scrambler, the FV10 circuit is loaded with tons of even-order harmonics to create unique octave/fuzz sounds that are dynamic- and frequency-dependent. This means that the FV10ís output is generated not only by what notes you play, but how you play them!
The FV10ís effect is not for the faint of heart - Spongy, strikingly synthetic guitar tones that swell up out of the depths of some black Void and then sizzle off into infinity. Octave-up OR octave-down effects can be produced, depending on the position of the controls and the playing position on the neck. Likewise, single notes or chords can both be played, each generating their own unique sounds.
By chaining the FV10 with other distortion devices and adjusting the Blend knob, an entire new range of unique harmonic effects can be achieved as the FV10ís circuit interacts with the complex harmonic content of the other device.
Unlike the original Scrambler, the FV10 features a Level control with a significant volume boost. This allows the user to match the pedalís output level to unity gain or to other effect pedals in their signal chain.
Mechanical True Bypass switching makes certain that all this chaos is kept locked up until you decide to unleash it.
MAXFW10 Maxon Fuzz Elements - Wind FW10

Fuzz engine designed to emulate the sound of vintage Mk II Tonebender
Attack Knob controls degree of Distortion
Level knobs controls output volume
Vintage/Hot switch for two levels of Gain
Selectable input buffer for smoother note response
Mechanical True Bypass Switching

Based on the legendary sounds of the Vox Tonebender, the FW10 conjures up the distinct fuzz tones of the British invasion. Vintage or Hot gain settings and switchable output buffer offer modern takes on these classic tones. True Bypass Switching.
MAXOD808X Maxon Compact Series OD808X Overdrive Extreme

Modified version of classic OD808 Overdrive
Extended frequency response improves note definition and clarity
Increased Output (+5 dB over OD808) for extra Volume Boost
Harder clipping yields more aggressive, amp-like Distortion
Buffered Bypass Switching

For over 30 years Maxonís legendary ''808'' overdrive circuit has been an essential ingredient to achieving great guitar tone. Whether itís used as a booster to drive an amp, as a Dirt box for crunch and extra sustain or as an EQ to shape the tone of a high-gain amp, the 808 in its many incarnations has shown up in more rigs and on more recordings than anyone would care to count.

Yet for all its legendary status, there are some who wish the 808 offered just a little bit more - and for those players obsessed with excess, Maxon has created the OD808X Overdrive Extreme.

The Extreme shares the same basic circuit architecture as the OD808. However, several key component values have been altered to achieve what may be the ultimate overdrive tone.

The OD808X offers a wider frequency response than a stock OD808, with an extended hi-frequency tonal range that offers additional clarity without becoming harsh.

It also features a harder clipping pattern than the standard model, creating a searing, full-bodied drive tone that helps chords ring and notes sing.

An additional +5 dB of output level assures that the OD808X will punch through the densest of mixes with an authority that most ODís just can't match. Its additional level and top-end also allows the X to be stacked in a chain of pedals without getting buried under other Dirt boxes.

The OD808X offers the same ''feel'' and amazing transparency that the 808 is famous for - digging in youíll get more break-up; rolling back your volume will clean things up and youíre guitar will sound like your guitar.

Beyond that, all similarities end and all bets are off. Comparing the X to a stock OD808 is kind of like bringing a gun a knife fight - itís excessive, but you know it will get the job done!

When even legendary overdrives just arenít enough, itís time to go to the extreme - the OD808X Overdrive Extreme.