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Maxon Vintage Series
Product Details
MAXAD999 Maxon Vintage Series Analog Delay Pedal

The Maxon AD999 Analog Delay pedal features eight proprietary Maxon MN3107D analog BBD ICs, offering all the rich, warm, organic tone of its predecessors with increased delay time, stereo outputs, and true bypass switching for transparent, noise-free operation.
From bathtub slapback to sound-on-sound texturing, to runaway, spaceship feedback loops, nothing even comes close to the Maxon Analog Delay.
When you're ready for the ultimate analog experience, buy the Maxon AD999, it's the only serious choice in an otherwise digital world!

MAXOD820 Maxon Vintage Series Overdrive Pro Pedal

The Maxon OD820 raises the bar after setting the standard for overdrives with the OD808! Unique voltage-doubling circuitry offers increased headroom, yielding the smoothest, warmest, most transparent overdrive ever!
The Maxon OD820 has a specially designed circuit that reacts precisely to every picking nuance and playing dynamic, making any instrument or amplifier come alive! Features true bypass switching and 9-volt battery or AC adapter operation (included).

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