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PJB-EB-001 Phil Jones Bass Ear Box

Ever wondered why your bass amp never seems to sound the same at different venues?

The answer is that you bass cabinet is heavily affected by the environment it is in and where you are standing in relation to it. What you hear is the sound of your speakers mixed in with the reflected sounds from walls, ceilings and floors. Basically your speaker has a different sound on and off axis and the further you are away from it the more sound energy that is reflected is blended into the sound. If the room acoustics are not ideal you know the sound you get is very uneven in response and muddy.

EQ is NOT the answer!

The EAR Box produces a near field sound that, when positioned close to you, will give you far greater clarity because it greatly increases the ratio of direct sound to the undesirable acoustics of the venue. It does not produce the full spectrum of a bass; it blends in with the low frequencies of your cabinet. Standing in front of you bass rig up close gives you the most clarity but at the expense of your audience. You body will block the mid range and high soaking them up like a sponge. So your audience will hear a far more degraded sound than you.
How the Ear Box works:

The Ear Box is in its own category. It is not a stage monitor or an earphone; it is somewhere in between. In-Ear monitors can leave you feeling isolated from the environment and stage monitors may bleed into areas where they are not wanted. The speakers in the Ear-Box are ultra-light but very powerful neodymium speakers. The total weight is 2.4 pounds. This allows it to be screw-mounted on a vertical (not boom type) microphone stand. It is positioned at ear level on the opposite side of where you amp is. The distance should be about 3 feet from you. Moving it closer will increase the loudness of the Ear-Box. If you want to reduce the treble, simply angle the Ear Box away from you: The greater the angle, the greater the attenuation of high frequencies. What may sound unusual is that the Ear Box has virtually no load on an amplifier. It is very high impedance: almost 1000 ohms at bass frequencies, tapering down to 24 ohms, at the very highest frequencies. It actually stabilizes the speaker load on you amplifier by acting as a ZOBEL network. The Ear Box high impedance allows it to be connected to just about any bass amplifier, right up to 1000 watt RMS output!

PJB-H850 Phil Jones Bass Headphone

When it comes to headphones, not all are suitable for bass instruments. Many may sound good for music but plug them into the headphone jack of a bass amp and you will soon find their limitations.
PJB H-850 headphones are a result of years of auditioning headphones for this purpose and analyzing the mechanisms of what works for the reproduction of music and bass.
Utilizing high power 40mm neodymium magnets and closed back acoustic loading, we were able to achieve a superb sound reproduction for both music and bass instruments.
These headphones are lightweight and therefore can be worn for hours with comfort. They have superb acoustic isolation from external noise and headphone bleed through for recording application. After you try the H-850 you will soon realize these will be your favorite headphones.

PJB-BI-12 Phil Jones Bass BI-12 12ft Bass Instrument cable

The best instrument cable money can buy for your bass guitar.
Model: BI-12
Length: 12 feet
Connectors: 1/4? Straight Jack on each end
Most shielded cables have only one shield. The BI-12 has three and by carefully choosing exacting materials - such as 99.999% oxygen free pure copper and PTFE die-electric insulation - you will unleash the true tone from your bass that you never thought was possible. You will not believe the difference this cable will make with your tone.

PJB-SS-4 Phil Jones Bass SS-4 4ft Bass Speaker Cable

Check out the best quality speaker cables on the market for your PJB gear!
Model: SS-4
Length: 4 foot
Connectors: Speakon/Speakon
Itís not uncommon for todayís bass player to use amplifier power up to 1000 watts and beyond. These high-power amps develop high currents feeding low impedance speakers sometimes peaking to 30 amps or more.
Speakers at this power level need great control by the ampís damping ability. Thatís the ratio of amp impedance to speaker impedance. Kind of like putting on the speakerís brakes so your speakers stop and start on a dime - giving your bass sound tighter punch and better dynamics.
Using cables with the slightest of loss can be disastrous on low-ohm loads. Even a fraction of an ohm in cable resistance can result in wasting some of those precious watts.
PJPS speaker cables use four conductors instead of two found in normal speaker cables and with the high-purity copper multi-strand conductors (9 AWG equivalent), resistance is ultra-low so your speakers get virtually 100% of the power delivered by your amp.
Our plugs are manufactured by us because nobody builds them as strong as we do. So you are assured of the utmost dependability night after night, never having to worry about your cables.

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