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Phil Jones Bass Combos
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PJB-Q-400 Phil Jones Bass Quantum 400 70W bass amp with Bluetooth

Phil Jones Phil Quantum 400 70 watt Bass Amp with Bluetooth
The Quantum 400 uses four 2.5'' drivers and is Bluetooth compatible so you can use it to learn parts and play along with tracks from your phone or other Bluetooth device.

PJB-BG-400 Phil Jones Bass Suitcase Compact - 300 Watt combo 4 x 5'' ''Piranha''

Introducing the Suitcase Compact.This model is based on the superlative and uncompromised performance of the original PJB Suitcase. It is more powerful but physically smaller, in fact the same size as our Compact 4 enclosure. It has an incredible punch sound cutting through air as ''a knife through butter'' but with a solid and powerful low end response normally associated with a much larger combo. It features a two-channel pre amp with our unique 3 band EQ. Simple to find ''your sound'', this EQ sounds has amazing control and transparency that allows you to unmistakably hear the true characters of your own playing and instrument.
In the heart of this amp lies a formidable ultra high-energy power supply. It feeds an efficient class D power amplifier which utilizes almost 95% of this energy to drive the four internal PJB Piranha speakers.
The Suitcase Compact puts out a healthy 300 watts RMS onto its own speakers. Adding a Compact 4 cabinet it becomes 500 watt.
The future of amps is trending to; ''smaller and better'' but with the Suitcase Compact bass combo, the future is here now.
Available in Black or Red

PJB-BG-300 Phil Jones Bass Super Flightcase - 250 Watt Combo 6 x 5'' Neo

Super Flightcase combo amp
Like its smaller brother the BG-150, this amp has amazing power and performance to weight ratio. Not only it has great acoustic output to play loud, but the bass is incredibly rich and deep with authority and control never heard before in an amp this size.
Sparkling high frequencies and transparent mid-range emanate throughout the stage as well as to the audi ence, allowing the player to deliver his sound to everyone with clarity and precision comparable to record ing from a world class studio.
Available in Black or Red

PJB-BG-150 Phil Jones Bass Flightcase - 150 Digital Combo 4 x 5'' Neo

Phil Jones Bass Flightcase - 150 Digital Combo 4 x 5'' Neo
What would be the most perfect bass amp? It would have to sound great, of course. But that usually goes along with the words ''big'' and ''heavy''. PJB thus spent more than 3 years researching into making a ''perfect amp'' for the working musicians from a practical sense. First we developed a revolutionary speaker unit, utilizing our knowledge on powerful and small drivers. The NEO-POWER speaker was born. Light - weight and extremely powerful thanks to the advanced neodymium magnet motor structure, it is exclusive - ly a proprietary PJB transducer!
Then we developed a loudspeaker enclosure so advanced that it has a design patent applied for. Whether you are sitting, standing, being close or far, sound is the same. From the deepest bass tones to the subtlest harmonics, you hear it all! Punchy, deep and precise bass notes that are never muddy, all from a cabinet with footprint of barley 1 cubic foot!
Amplifiers can have a dramatic effect on how the speakers sound. The Flightcase combo houses a powerful and all digital amplifier which embraces a digital switching power supply that operates on any AC voltage worldwide. It has a full bandwidth Pulse Width Modulation PWM and high efficiency output stage. The result is an amplifier so efficient; it does not even require a weighty heat-sink that is often required in high power solid state amps.
We did all these with state of the art technology to bring a revolutionary bass amp in the smallest physical size possible. We call it the flight-case because if it had wings, it would probably fly because it is so light weight. It has just that much power to weight ratio, and most importantly studio quality performance.
Whatever type of bass you play, weigh up the cost, performance, size and weight ......and when you try the PJB Flightcase, you will agree that this is the ''perfect Bass Amp'' for your gigging or studio needs.
Available in Black OR Red

PJB-BBC Phil Jones Bass Briefcase -100 Watt Amp 2 x 5'' ''Piranha-A''

Phil Jones Bass Breifcase - 100 watt Micro Combo AC/Battery
This little unit packs a punchy bass tone that will make your jaw drop!
If you believe that great things can come in small packages, then you need to check out the new portable bass amplifier by Phil Jones Bass. It’s a mighty little bass amp packed into a tiny, twin speaker enclosure about the size of... well... a briefcase. With the option to operate on AC power or rechargeable battery, the PJPS BRIEFCASE takes bass amp portability to a new level.

The PJPS BRIEFCASE features an ultra-low noise preamp with a 5-band EQ and optical limiter - combined with a power amplifier that can operate at 100 watts RMS into 4 Ohms. Two custom designed 5-inch PJPS speakers loaded in the rear-vented enclosure deliver hi-fi clarity and punch that needs to be heard to be believed. The BRIEFCASE combo is an ideal unit for practice, the studio or small venues.
Available in Black OR Red

PJB-BG-200 Phil Jones Bass Briefcase Ultimate -150 Watt Amp Combo AC/Battery

Phil Jones Bass Breifcase - 100 watt Micro Combo AC/Battery
Phil Jones Bass look to see if there are any ways that they could add to the Briefcase’s already stellar performance. This is the Briefcase on Steroids call the Ultimate!
First we designed a more powful amplifier from 100 to 200 watts. In order for the two 5'' speakers to handle this we had to totally redesign a completely new 5'' driver, no small feat considering that we have already been pushing the envelope in bass transducers. The new speaker not only has a larger and more efficient motor (it is 2 dB louder!), it also has better high and low frequency performance.

Phil Jones Bass changed out the vent and replaced it with ''RALFR'' technology we put into the Double 4 BG-75. The result is richer, deeper, more tuneful and organic bass.
Phil Jones Bass kept the battery function here, this amp has all the bells and whitles of the original Briefcase. Thanks to the super efficient class D power amplification, the battery has the same duration of running time.
This amp will put out 150 watt on its own internal 8 Ohm speakers, and can provide 200 watts output with an external 8 Ohm speaker.
Available in Black OR Red

PJB-BG-100 Phil Jones Bass Bass CUB 100 watt Micro Combo 2 x 5'' Neo and Carry Bag

Phil Jones Bass Bass Cub - 100 watt Micro Combo 2 x 5'' Neo & Carry Bag
Sometimes all you need is an amp that can deliver true bass tone without the hassle of hauling a big rig amplifier. The Bass Cub is 100 watts of pure tone in a ''shoebox'' size package. It is so light, that it can be lifted with one finger!
It can sit on the floor or on top of a desk. Two independent channels can accept two instruments or one microphone. It also has a stereo input for Drum machine or iPod/MP3 player. Practicing can be done with the 2 internal speakers or headphones.With these features and great sound there is no longer an excuse you cannot practice.
The Bass Cub is best couple with the PJB PB-300 250W active cabinet, making a 350W powerful stack.
Available in Black OR Red

PJB-BG-75 Phil Jones Bass Double 4 70 watt Micro Combo 2 x 4''

Phil Jones Bass Double 4 - 70 Watt Micro Combo 2 x 4''
The DOUBLE FOUR is the pinnacle of micro bass amps. With new driver design, acoustic loading and the latest digital amplifier technology, this tiny bass combo may be designed as a practice amp but continues to amaze everyone with the great PJB signature bass tone. From a cabinet with size of a jewel box, this seems to defy the laws of physics.

Driver and Amplifier Technologies
Driver and Amplifier Technologies Driver and Amplifier Technologies Pushing our expertise of using smaller drivers to get the ultimate bass sound, Phil Jones Bass applied their vast experience to an even smaller, ''Neo Power''4 inch driver built with precision of a Swiss watch. This 4'' baby is able to cope with the extreme signals coming in from an amplified bass guitar. By using our extensive R&D facility which includes the largest anechoic chamber in the bass guitar amplifier industry, and the KLIPPEL transducer measurement system, we were able to develop the perfect 4 inch transducer for our purpose. We analyzed the neodymium magnetic system, the cone behaviors at all frequencies in 3D representation, cone suspension and frame, until we achieved our goal. We then looked at the acoustic loading using the acoustic simulation software and calculated exactly the full power cone displacement at every frequency.

Each one of these 4'' speaker is fed with its own Pulse Width Modulation PWM amplifier. PWM amplifiers are extremely efficient compared to the traditional analog solid state amplifiers, converting electrical energy to power using on the speakers instead of wasting it on hot. Since the amp is running at lower working temperature, the DOUBLE FOUR will give years of service long after other amps have faded away. By using dual amplifiers one for each speaker, the bass control is greatly improved since the damping factor (the amplifier’s ability to put on the ''brakes'' to stop the speaker cone from overshoot ) is doubled. The end result? A bass tone that is well controlled, punchy, tight and never muddy or bloomy.

Enclosure Technology
To maximize its tiny cabinet enclosure, we designed a custom Rectangular Auxiliary Low Frequency Radiator (RALFR®). This technology is a pneumatically coupled radiator loaded to the rear of the two 4 inch speakers that operates at the lowest bass frequencies only. It augments the output of the loudspeakers at frequencies from 30 to 150 Hz. It also reduces the cone excursion of the speakers, so power handling is greatly improved. The cabinet is also heavily braced internally and lined with acoustic damping materials. This damping prevents cabinet coloration that can interfere with the true sound of your instrument. Now, what you hear from the DOUBLE FOUR is the most realistic amplification of your instrument
Available in Black, Red or white

PJB-7-77 Phil Jones Bass Session 77 100 Watt Combo 2 x 7'' + 3'' Tweeter



Phil Jones Bass Session 77 - 100 Watt Combo Amp
The Session 77 is remarkably affordable 100W bass combo from PJB. By using all digital circuitry, the amp will work on any AC voltage from 100 to 260 Volts without a voltage selector. It features a single channel pre amp with a 3-band EQ. It also has a separate auxiliary input for backing tracks.
The combination of the two proprietary 7 inch speakers and a 3 inch tweeter gives full range reproduction of all basses with stellar clarity. The Session 77 is the result of our effort to build a budget conscious amp without giving up our quest for quality. Focusing on the most basic needs of most bass players, Phil Jones Bass achieved the goal of having the best sounding, most reliable amp at an unbeatable price. Available in Black

PJB-BG-800 Phil Jones Bass Roadcase 750 Watt Combo 12 x 5'' Neo 2 Channel

Phil Jones Bass Roadcase 750 watt Combo
The ROADCASE has the convenience of a combo but with output power you get from separate components. It has two channels: Channel one is dedicated for acoustic bass and Channel Two for electric. Its massive 750W RMS power amplifier has the headroom and tone to work on just about any stage.
The 12 ''Neo Power'' speakers have the finesse to cope with all styles of playing with the weight and authority from a much larger cabinet. Its tiny foot print allows you more space on cramped stages, without sacrificing tone or volume. At the end of the gig, you will appreciate the ease of transporting it, owing to its incredible power to weight ratio and ergonomically designed handling.
Available in Black

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