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Phil Jones Bass Heads
Product Details
PJB-D-1000 Phil Jones Bass - D-1000 - 1000 Watt Digital Bass amp

Bass Pulse One light-weight amp
The D-1000 is a Powerful, high fidelity/light-weight single channel bass amplifier that boasts a precision made, aircraft grade anodized black aluminium chassis and 1000 watts of pure PJB power.
Itís high-efficiency class D amplifier design runs cool and eliminates the need for a fan, making it completely quiet and reliable. The D1000 includes a protective soft gig bag and is standard 1U to allow the possibility of being rack mounted.

PJB-M500 Phil Jones Bass M500 - 720 watt Solid state Bass Amp

Serious power in a small package!
Although it may look small make no mistake about it - the PJS M-500 is a very high performance bass amp. In addition to its incredible power, the sound quality is as good or better than many high-end audio amplifiers used in expensive hi-fi systems or studio monitor systems yet was designed from the ground up to stand up to the hard work of any serious musician.

The M-500 is high-powered compact bass head that that can deliver over 700 watts of pure, clean power. The ultra-clean pre-amp features a Parametric EQ as well as a 12-band graphic EQ to offer precise control of your tone - while the built-in 3:1 compressor offers control of your instrumentís dynamics without robbing it of its precious tone. The M-500 can be paired with any of the PJPS cabinets to provide options for any sized venue.

PJB-D-600 Phil Jones Bass D-600 600 watt Digital Amp

The Future for Bass Amp is Digital.
Bass players need higher power to amplify their instrument than guitarists, because it takes a lot more power to reproduce clean bass frequencies. Digital amps use Pulse Width Modulation process for amplification, allowing amplifiers to run at higher efficiencies than their older designed analog counterparts. The downside of many digital D Class amps is that they can sound harsh and have less punch in the low frequency spectrum.

To overcome this, we worked with Texas Instruments USA to develop an amplifier that has it all. It is light weight; it produces ample clean power and above all it has the tone. The D-600 is a digital amp like no other when it comes to pure performance: 600 watts of power in only 7 pounds weight.

It has 2 channels each with its own 5-band EQ, a silky smooth optical limiter, headphone out jack, a stereo auxiliary input for backing tracks, a line input for additional input source, DI out, line out and tuner out.

The D-600 is constructed in an all aluminum chassis with a ľ inch thick machined aluminum panel, a feature normally associated with expensive recording studio equipment.

This amp oozes quality both in sound and looks. It also comes with a padded gig bag to keep it looking great.

PJB-BB1 Phil Jones Bass BassBuddy - Micro Multi-Purpose Box

Take your incredible bass tone with you...where ever you go!
Whether in the studio laying down that killer groove or practicing your chops in the quiet comfort of your hotel room with headphones, the BASS BUDDY might just become your BEST buddy.
What is the BASS BUDDY?
A highly portable practice/recording headphone amp made soley for the bass player on the go
An active DI box
A bass compressor/limiter
An EQ dedicated for bass instruments
A pre amplifier with enough oomph to power an amp and even an external speaker

PJB-HA-1 Phil Jones Bass BIG HEAD - Micro Headphone Amp

The PJB BigHead is not big at all. In fact it is barely larger than an iPhone. The ''Big'' is about the sound. It functions first as an awesome bass headphone amplifier with 2 band EQ ( +/- 18db @ 60 Hz and +/- 18dB @ 5KHz) set for optimization of all kinds of bass instruments.

Unlike consumer electronic MP3 players and smart phones that have very small power output of around 20 milli-watt to drive headphones, the BigHead has more than 10 times the power. This contributes to a far more exhilarating listening experience with increased resolution and dynamics. Even if you are just listening to music, the BigHead will be a great improvement to your regular headphones, adding more listening pleasure.

A more important function of the BigHead is being a recording tool both in digital and analog. As an Analog Digital Converter, it has the finest BURR BROWN digital components. The USB out is 48KHz 16Bit digital conversion. In other words, recording your bass onto Pro Tools will give you exactly what you wish for and absolutely nothing else.

Maybe you need an analog pre amp. The Big Head can do that too. It will provide up to 12dB of gain and better than 96dB signal to noise ratio. Just use the headphone out jack to feed an amp or mixer. It has an internal lithium-ion rechargeable battery that is fed by its USB jack, so any computer or appropriate cell phone charger can charge it in less than 3 hours, but it can play for up to 8 hours.

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